Massage services are by appointment only

*No Covid restrictions are in place if you would like for me to wear a mask, please request.

This service is done in your home where your pet is most comfortable.

Massage is a natural aid for pain control, either for post op., the older pet with arthritis, and for injuries that may not be operable, and used for anxiety and aggression.

Benefits are: speed in healing, maintaining tone, range of motion and flexibility enhancing respiratory function, pain relief and discomfort, decreased atrophy of muscle tissue, keeping joints lubricated and flexible, increases oxygen to the muscles, and aiding emotional adjustment (depression).

Now offering Cold Laser Therapy, finding when combining massage and Cold Laser, you can extend the benefits of your session.

Cold Laser Therapy is a non-evasive procedure that uses light to stimulate cell regeneration and increase blood flow circulation. Laser Therapy can treat acute and chronic injuries, sprains and strains, arthritis and swelling due to back and disc problems and muscular skeletal abnormalities, and helps regenerate nerve tissue after a surgery.

  • Massage and Laser session last 1 1/2  hrs. Cost is $75 and includes a free in home safety evaluation to better your pets success.
  • All cancellations must have a 24 hr. notice or will have to pay for session in full

I work with your veterinarian or rehab in aid to your pets success.

Massage and Benefits

Meet Bellybutton

She is 15 years old, was having trouble getting up from a lying position.

Massage aids in agility,and energy.



Meet Amara

She is 11 years old, having trouble getting up from a lying position, we worked on hips and circulation, and modified home routine, walks and limiting stairs



20160125_105638Meet Allie

Suffers from arthritic elbows and spine, gets massage twice a month, modified home routine, keeps her flexible and aids in mobility and energy.