Prices of dogs depend on breed, type of hair cut and condition of pet.
Please call for a basic quote.
Because we want your pet to have the best experience possible,
we offer aromatherapy at no charge and used when needed.

  • There is an extra charge for de-matting $5-$30
  • Cat grooming starts at $75+ depending on brush out or full groom
    – depends on condition
    – if you want them bathed or not
    – how naughty they might be
    – (we recommend rescue remedy)
  • Cats Nail Trims by appointment only $10
  • Brush outs start at $30 and includes nail trim and ear cleaning

A full service dog grooming includes

  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trimming
  • Bath n dry
  • Hair-cut and de-shedding
  • Anal glands by request only

Ala cart Services

Please request at time of check in
We can determine if something would be beneficial for your pet

  • Teeth brushing – $5
  • Medicated shampoos – $5-$10 depending on size
  • Deep conditioning – $5-$10
  • Flea and tick treatments – $30 and up

Services below (walk-ins welcome)

  • Anal Glands only – $15
  • Nail trims only – $15-$20 depending on if a biter
  • Ear cleaning only – $10-$20
    – Depends on if we need to remove the hair in the ear canal
  • Brush out only – $10-$50
    – Depends on how much hair and condition of coat
  • Brush and Blow out only – $20-$50
    – Great for just removing dead hair, includes coat condition spray

All services by appointment only!